I work and have worked within a variety of areas and the purpose here is not to recount a curriculum vitae (or résumé) of my work history, but to highlight particular projects.

Gaming Industry

Perhaps my most prodigious body of work of late has been within the roleplay gaming industry, of which I have multiple credits (writer, editor, layout artist and proofreader). Now, alas, no longer available since the license expired and returned to Le 7ème Cercle, I had written a scenario of the Cubicle 7 release of Qin: The Warring States, entitled Tournament in Scarlet & White; likewise the books I edited for that line. I also wrote chapters (notably for demons and devils) for the Victoriana supplement, Liber Magica. I have worked as editor and proofreader on numerous other products of the Victoriana gameline, including Faces in the Smoke Vol. 1, Faces in the Smoke Vol. 2, Faulkner’s Millinery & Miscellany, and Jewel of the Empire. I have also worked on several other Cubicle 7 games, including The Laundry, Doctor Who, and Cthulhu Brittanica, amongst others.

I have done both editing and layout for Chronicle City (Punktown and others) and am the layout and design artist for all the current the Judge Dredd & The Worlds of 2000AD books by EN World. Currently, I am editing work for Onyx Path, including Technocracy: Reloaded and Mummy: The Cursed 2nd Edition.

Audio Visual

Long before games became my focus, I was very much entrenched in the world of film-making. Although I never garnered any major breakthroughs into the industry, I wrote a short film, shot a short film and have created AV for several projects with Arts Active at St David’s Hall.