…to the echoes of revivification.

…to the echoes of revivification.

Decayed remnants of a bygone presence

When the world wide web was not even a decade old, I created my very first website and it was a few years later I was randomly contacted by someone claiming to be from Belfast, regarding my Biblical namesake, King Nimrod. I was sent two large text documents with dubious claims to be translated excerpts from a banned text, which referenced an actual text online. I have, since my detailed and analytical response, come across more references to which I remain incredibly sceptical of the spurious debates made within these apocryphal writings that sought to make of a fleeting mention a seeming evil genius that has influenced our modern world since just after the Deluge. For a long time, those documents featured on my website as an interesting curio, so for tradition’s sake I shall probably look at adding them here, but for now they remain on my hard-drive unobserved.

While composing my rebuttal, my mother informed me that my name, as a word, translates as “we shall rebel”. I asked my mother why she had heretofore never revealed to me this morsel of trivia, to which she replied: “If we had told you that when you were growing up, do you think we would have had any control over you?” Now, as a parent, I can truly appreciate this logic.

Within these documents, I first came across reference conjecturally linking the Biblical Nimrod with the orchestration of the Tower of Babel’s construction. Of course, there is no such explicit link in the scriptures, themselves, but this seems to be something that has stuck.

Many, many moons ago, I played a game of Jenga with some friends. For reasons I shall not divulge, the game became extraordinarily intense and I began to feel as though we were constructing our own precarious Tower of Babel. I looked over at another of the players and saw that it was getting to him, too. I motioned, half-jokingly, to knock over the dizzying wooden tower, to which I saw in his eyes a desperation for the manifestation of my intent. I knocked down the tower. The spell was broken, there was much relief and we went about other things, freed from the captive embrace of constructing an increasingly overstretched tower, free to start afresh a new endeavour.

More than twenty years since my first website, for a very long time it was an unbroken chain; but life will insist upon itself and as such has diligently dragged me away from such self-indulgent endeavours as maintaining a website.

Like that tower, it has been knocked down and rather than try to drag out, continue, resurrect that which has passed into obscurity, I figured it was time to build anew, abandon my overstretched format and start afresh a new endeavour. One less so out of pure self-indulgence, but now of self-promotion, also (a personal website is always self-indulgence). Perhaps I shall slowly add some of my old content, echoes of my bygone years, but for now it is shiny and new and incomplete and still needs much work; babbling and gurgling at the void waiting to be imbued with purpose.

I intend to ramble, rant, meander through words to find meaning. Brevity is for Facebook and Twitter. Here, I intend to rebel. Here, I intend to ramble. Even if it be only to myself and the void.

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