All Quiet on the Draconic Front

There’s not been a lot of activity here for a few reasons:

Firstly, see Goals. At present, I don’t have enough Patrons to justify dedicating time on Draconic when I have paid work to cover. Support me if you’re not already, or spread the word. At the moment, I have a big editing project with a deadline that has been hit by…

Secondly, we got hit by Covid-19. This really killed not just time for work, but it also killed the ideas I’d had for here.

This Patreon is not just about Draconic – I also have lots of other projects on the go, it’s just that Draconic is the one I’m trying to make some solid progress on and will take the longest time to complete. One of my other, smaller RPG projects would have been a great preview for Halloween, but I wanted to spend a day or so trying to work on it a little before previewing it here (Patreon exclusive). Obviously, that didn’t happen.

Perhaps in the new year, when my current deadlines are complete, I might look at working on it a little more to get it up to preview level.

Therefore, at present, my focus is fully on finishing my paid editing job – because I really need the money!

Fear not, however, ideas have still been buzzing and when I get a chance to do a proper update, I will.

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