The Seventh Busiest Month

September has been surprisingly busy. The end of the summer holidays brought with it a slew of other sudden surprises. Including the unexpected chance to do some writing for the new edition of Victoriana by Cubicle 7, while also editing Victorian Age: Mage for Onyx Path. This did also involve me having to learn 5e. While also adjusting to homeschooling again and the stress of waiting for the other shoe to drop while financial ruin looms because all that still ends up eating into work time no matter how much you try to partition time. Because Lifeā„¢.

As such, time to work on Draconic or any of my own projects has been almost zero. Rather than put together a half-arsed summary – especially at this early stage in my Patreon – I’d rather focus on ensuring better updates in the future.

Spread the word, encourage everyone you know and everyone they know that they absolutely need to buy me a cup of coffee or lunch once a month, and I’ll be able to focus harder on ensuring I dedicate time to working on my own stuff.

The ideas are there, it’s only the words on (digital) paper that is not.

If you’re reading this and have not yet made the decision to support me, go ahead and press that button. You know it’s a fantastic choice. The warm feeling comes for free!

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