My Website Reborn

My Website Reborn


Clearly, I have transgressed against the digital gods at some point, for my websites have been constantly beset and hampered by hackers – human or otherwise. Sometime early last year, before the pandemic fully hit, malware infiltrated my defences, and decimated all the websites on my hosting package. Suddenly thrust into juggling homeschooling and work, I had little time for working on websites until needs demanded. I scraped together the essential websites, but my own personal website was unfixable. At least, broken to the point that it was easier to burn it to a cinder and rebirth it from the ashes.

Considering I hadn’t really advertised that iteration of my website a great deal, this was not such a big problem. At long last, I have actually revitalised it. Well, kind of.

Currently, I have little content on it, but I have linked it with Patreon. If you support me on Patreon, you can log into my website and follow all my Patreon activity on there as well as read any other junk I have time to post about.

I’ll probably add a subscribe system at some point as I have with Linda’s website, so you can get site notifications. In the meantime, as I build and expand it, I’ll be sure to post here to let you know!

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