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All Quiet on the Draconic Front

There’s not been a lot of activity here for a few reasons: Firstly, see Goals. At present, I don’t have enough Patrons to justify dedicating time on Draconic when I have paid work to cover. Support me if you’re not already, or spread the word. At the moment, I have a big editing project with a deadline that has been […]

What is Draconic?

I should probably seed this up to the main description at some point, or link to a longer description of this on my website, but for now I’ll put it here. Below details my current intention for Draconic and the approach I’m taking with it. At the moment, of course, I’m still in the world-building stage, but the general story-arc […]

The Seventh Busiest Month

September has been surprisingly busy. The end of the summer holidays brought with it a slew of other sudden surprises. Including the unexpected chance to do some writing for the new edition of Victoriana by Cubicle 7, while also editing Victorian Age: Mage for Onyx Path. This did also involve me having to learn 5e. While also adjusting to homeschooling […]

An Unexpected Roundtrip

When I started writing my own scenarios for conventions, I began posting them on my website. At GenConUK, I wasn’t writing scenarios for myself; I had to write them so others could run them. The perfectionist in me would take pride in trying to make things look like the actual books. I would hunt down the correct fonts and any […]

Random Encounter

Unexpectedly, I find myself having to familiarise myself with Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition (a.k.a. just Fifth Edition or 5e, because apparently there are no other game systems in existence). Not something I expected to have to learn, let alone at a rapid pace! In case you are wondering why? It’s under an NDA. So…

My Website Reborn

IT LIVES! AGAIN! Clearly, I have transgressed against the digital gods at some point, for my websites have been constantly beset and hampered by hackers – human or otherwise. Sometime early last year, before the pandemic fully hit, malware infiltrated my defences, and decimated all the websites on my hosting package. Suddenly thrust into juggling homeschooling and work, I had […]

RPGs for Kids #1: Hero Kids

The first kids’ RPG I purchased to run for my kids was Justin Halliday’s Hero Kids. Ironically, for someone who isn’t all that keen on dungeon crawls, this is very much structured around dungeon crawl style encounters. As such, the game revolves around moving your paper miniature across a map and fighting monsters until you reach the end of the […]

The Obligatory Origin Story

Even before the pandemic hit, our girls were playing roleplay games with us. Not as frequently perhaps, but we would go through spurts. My youngest, now 7, started at age 3 and we usually could only do about 20 minutes at a time – about the length of a single scene. We tried so many game systems, too: Hero Kids, […]